NZ Bioenergy Strategy

NZ Bioenergy strategy
The New Zealand Bioenergy Strategy was released on 8th September 2010. The Strategy presents a comprehensive assessment of New Zealand's bioenergy potential and the way to achieve it. It notes the policies, opportunities and barriers faced in the years ahead. Further details about the Strategy and the activities leading up to it can be found here. Note the following supporting resources:

  • Joint BANZ and NZFOA Press Release here.
  • A picture of the bioenergy opportunities in NZ - BANZ and NZFOA, June 2010 - a pre-Strategy Report.
  • The Bioenergy Options project (Scion) has produced a wealth of information about the bioenergy opportunities in NZ. It is the basis for development of the NZ Bioenergy Strategy.
  • Workshops - The NZ Bioenergy Strategy follows a similar strategy developed by the Canadian forest industry and referred to in a recent presentation in Auckland by Rory Gilsenan of National Resources Canada. Click here to download the 2010 presentation.

The NZ Strategy compares well with similar strategies being developed in Canada.

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