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Managing Director Rob Mallinson is a founding Board Member of the Bioenergy Association (www.bioenergy.org.nz) holding the position of Chairman for over 7 years, and is currently the convener of the associations Wood Energy Interest Group. He has an expert knowledge of the factors that impact on the viability of (successful) wood boiler projects, and combines this expertise with in-depth knowledge of the availability of wood-fuel resources across most regions of Australia. This allows any wood-energy opportunity to be quickly distilled down to the most important facets, to produce succinct and cost-effective feasibility studies that save the client time and money.

More recently Wood Energy Australia has partnered-up to supply fit-for-purpose fuel storage solutions (such as the Toploader – see www.javointernational.com) to wood boiler clients in Australia (and New Zealand).  Over the past decade Wood Energy’s associated company (Living Energy Ltd) has installed 30 wood boilers of varying size, so we can leverage this hands-on experience gained from implementing so many projects, combining these with learnings from many more real-life projects.

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Website: http://www.javointernational.com/
Contact: Rob Mallinson
By email: woodenergyaustralia@livingenergy.co.nz
By phone: +64 27 2579001

Company activities:
Advice regarding commercial and industrial heat from wood energy. Provision of cost-effective wood fuel storage and handling solutions.